Ocean View Traffic Safety School

About Us

Since 2011, Ocean View Traffic Safety School has provided licensed traffic-safety courses to California drivers motivated to keep their insurance rates from increasing due to traffic violations. 

Ocean View is a training division of Academy Education Services Inc, the parent company of Clinical Training Institute.

Ocean View Traffic Safety School

The Easy, Breezy Way to Learn

Hassle Free

With our convenient, online format, you can complete traffic-safety school wherever you have Internet access. This straightforward and entertaining course is DMV-licensed and court-accepted. It even comes with comprehensive customer support should you have any questions.

Fast Processing

Once you pass the final exam, you will have instant access to your completion certification. The course is also DMV-licensed, so we will automatically report your completion to the DMV who will then report it to the court on your behalf.

Time Well Spent

Your course is available 100% online.  You can complete the safety-training modules anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.  Your time  completing the course will be well spent, and you will be back on the road in no time!