Ocean View Traffic Safety School

Drive Safely & Lawfully

Improve your defensive driving skills while meeting court requirements. Ocean View Traffic Safety School offers a user-friendly, state-of-the-art online traffic-safety course for anyone who has received a traffic violation.  Successful completion of this course will mask points on your driver's license and keep your insurance premiums from going up.  

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Low Price Guarantee

We guarantee the low price of $49.95 for our online course. No addtional hidden fees.

Perfectly Convenient

It's "The Easy, Breezy Way to Learn"!  Finding time for work, family, and social activities is a daily challenge, but our online course allows you to complete the course at a reasonable, comfortable pace.  You can log on and off as often as you like--even work on multiple devices. There is a time limit for succesful completion of the course after you enroll and pay, but you will be able to break up those eight hours as needed.  PLEASE BE ADVISED:  SIXTY (60) MINUTES IS THE TIME ALLOWED FOR THE FINAL EXAM. 

Free Completion Reporting

Did you wait until the last minute to take traffic school? Are you worried about getting your certificate in on time? Thankfully, our DMV-licensed course reports your completion to the DMV immediately and for no extra charge. Once you complete the eight-hour online course and pass the final exam, you will receive a copy of your completion certificate and an official record will be sent right to the correct agency.

Hearing Impaired

For those with hearing impairments, we recommend you reach out to the California Traffic Safety Institute. They will help you secure a class that meets your unique needs.